Jnane-Dar Diafa - the restaurant and the inn

View on the Garden and the Inn of Jnane-DarJNANE-DAR is an inn, which is partly built in the traditional style of a Kasbah. It is situated in a big garden of palm trees, vegetables and flowers about 18 km behind Zagora, in face of the koranic library of Tamegroute. JNANE-DAR stands out for his restful location and his individual charm.

In the Kasbah are located

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Culinary and other offers in the oasis

Traditional Music qui joue la musique at Jnane-DarEnjoy the place of rest in this Oasis of an Oasis; try our tea with mint, the Arabic coffee or other drinks. In the Kushk (pavilion), at the terrace or in one of the tents we offer traditional Moroccan dishes. One of our specialities is the original Méchoui, we serve after ordering one day before. We serve as well Pastilla with chicken, meat or vegetable. Some of the served organic vegetables grow in our garden. This garanties a varied offer of vegetarian food. When ever possible, we serve home made ice-cream.

We organize as well Folklore, if you order in advance. We can provide a guide to show you the interesting architecture of the subterranean town, the library and the pottery. In case you wish we look for somebody who can accompany you for a visit through the lovely palm gardens. You may swim in the irrigation basin, in case we have enough water to fill it. The doors of the parking are closed at night. A big part oft he property gives room for placing camping cars.

The oasis Tamegroute

View on the village of TamegrouteTamegroute is a little Oasis in the valley of the river Draa, 18 km in the south of Zagora. The village is well known in the whole country - not only for its typical green glossed pottery and for the Zaouia of the Naciri-botherhood with its famous library, but specially as a very important place for pilgrimage.

In the library you find a selection of the 4000 collected books of enormous value beginning with the 12th century up to the 18th century, containing handwritings of the Koran, an antic map of Alexandria, illustrated manuscripts of poetry, texts of astronomy and astrology, medicine, anatomy and agriculture, dictionaries and biographies or books about mathematic and geometry. Some copies are illustrated with gold, The oldest and most precious is written on the leader of gazelle.

The library developed in the 18th century, when Mohammed Ibn Nasser founded a brotherhood, which is named of him. A Koran-school belongs to the place. In the Zaouia next to the library takes the brotherhood care of sick and poor peoples, living in the courtyard. The mausoleum shows an old beautiful door.