Short-Trip in the desert with 1 night in a bivouac of Erg Lihoudi

This short-trip in the desert is specially to be recommended for people without enough time, for more and still like to enjoy the desert or for newcomers, just to get the felling for desert and - let’s hope so - come again for more. Ideal is this excursion of 1 night only for families with little kids.

Starting point is Ouled-Driss, a very authentic little place just about 7 km before coming to M´Hamid. You reach this small town either by car or by taxi within about 1 hour. Your car can stay over night well protected in the place where camels are waiting for you. It’s time enough to start from Tamegroute after lunch.

As soon as the camels have been loaded, you start your excursion through the charming little dunes of Ouled-Driss and you’ll arrive the little and clean bivouac in Erg Lihoudi after about one and a half hour of riding or walking. After a tea of welcome you may like to climb the little dunes for seeing the sun-set. A warm dinner will be served. afterwards you may sit beside a little campfire watching the stars before you go to sleep in one of the nomad-tents. In case you prefer to spend the night under the thousand stars, you can bring your mattress outside in front of the tent, the friendly camp-crew will certainly help you.

After breakfast next morning camels bring you back to Ouled-Driss. No problem if you prefer to walk instead of sitting on the back of a camel.

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