Example of a 4 days tour

1. Day

After the breakfast departure from Tamegroute to Ouled Driss, where your guide waits with the camels. We have 1 camel for each person, and each camel will carry luggage and equipment. (It’s very comfortable to sit on a packed camel.) Tripp is always starting with walking, after about 1 hour of marching you may sit on top of the camel. About two third of the tour you will walk and about one third you can take a ride. Particular in the dunes walking is better than riding, not only for the camels but also for your self. You will pass different landscapes (places with palm-trees, plains, dunes, the Hammada and others.). At intervals of about 1 – 2 hours you have a little break. At noon you reach the place for resting and dinner, always in the shadow. For dinner we serve team freshly prepared salads with bread (sometimes just baked in the sand), and with a dessert of fresh fruits. During the lunch brake, camels are relieved from their baggage, but not from the saddles, so they can go to look for some food. After about 3 hours of midday rest you continue the trip – first again walking. By the beginning of evening the caravan reaches if possible some dunes, where you will prepare your place for staying over night. For dinner we always serve a freshly cooked warm meal of soup, tajine or an other warm dish, bread and tea If weather is good, you will sleep under the stars in the open air. If not you may sleep in the big tent. Each person receives a foamed mattress and a blanket. It’s on one self to bring a sleeping bag. You may bring as well a mate for isolation.

2. Day

Dawn is about at 6 o’clock. Breakfast consists in tea or coffee, milk, bread, jam , honey and cheese. As soon as camels are packed, the trip continues. Again first by walking, than by riding. Who doesn’t want to get on top of the camel can of course continue to walk. Today we may pass the Hammada, the dessert of stones, which is very colored. It’s possible to find ammonites. The run of the day is almost the same as before. The tour ends when ever possible in dunes.

3. Day

We pass through a variety of landscape up to a beautiful valley of big tamarisks for having siesta. The night you sleep again in dunes.

4. Day

Hills follow of plains, sand changes with stones. At the skyline you can always see the chain of the Djebel Bani. The vastness and the calm of the desert will enthral you and you will discover, that the desert is full of life. You will see different plants and animals adapted to the hard conditions and laws of the desert. After some hours more of walk you reach in the afternoon Ouled-Driss. From here you return to Tamegroute either by taxi, bus or your own car.

The Stations are not fix and the way may be completely different.

Short-Trip in the desert with 1 night in a bivouac of Erg Lihoudi

Brief version of 6-days-tour with camels